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Why Hire A Professional?

professional realtor will assist you through the process of buying and selling a home, and will provide value to home buyers and home sellers in many ways.

Home Buyers, the main question is Client or Customer?

The difference between client and customer status is one that can greatly impact your home buying experience.  As a customer, your priviledges are Honesty, Fairness, Information, Integrity, Reasonable Care, but the allegiance of the realtor is ultimately to the seller.  Would this not be a concern for you?

As a client, your priviledges include all of those that a customer would receive as well as Accountability, Advice, Confidentiality, Diligence, Full Disclosure, Loyalty, and Obedience.  The allegiance of the realtor is to you, the buyer!  With client status, our obligation is to protect and promote your best interests and to solely work for you.

Having a Buyer Agency Agreement with a real estate agent ensures that you are protected and that you are entitled to receive the full benefits of all fiduciary duties including confidentiality.


Our Main Objectives for Home Sellers:

  • You will be provided with a well researched, written market evaluation.
  • A marketing plan will be developed that is specific to your property and that will yield the desired result.  Our team has the resources to market your property to the world, and we will do so to ensure that you get the most money in the least time, with the fewest possible hassles.
  • You will be kept apprised of the sale of your property. You will know how your home is being marketed, and you will be kept informed about showings.
  • We are dedicated advocates who keep our promises and behave with integrity at all times. Our main priority is to gain your long-term loyalty and trust. When you win, we win!
  • Through our experience, we strive to anticipate our customers’ and clients’ needs and proactively provide them with the best possible advice and solutions.
  • All offers will be reviewed with you personally. Strengths and deficiencies will be pointed out, and your best interests will always be represented in all negotiations.
  • We are committed to being there every step of the way – before, during, and after the sale. We will provide post-closing information, consultation and services, and be available to assist you with future real estate needs.



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