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The Myths of Aluminum Wiring

Both buyers and current homeowners of properties built in the mid 1960's to the late 1970's with aluminum wiring are finding that many insurers will not provide or renew insurance coverage on such properties unless certain criteria is met.  The wiring must be inspected and either repaired or replaced as necessary, and the work must be inspected by the ESA (Electrical Safety Authority).  Once inspected, the ESA will determine whether or not the electrical work completed is satisfactory to their standards, and if it is, they will provide a certificate of inspection that needs to be presented to the insurer.  Not sure if the home your contemplating buying or the home you're currently living in will pass?  Always verify with your insurance company what their requirements are and if you are interested in buying a property with aluminum wiring, have your Realtor include a condition on obtaining insurance to your offer.

There is a myth that aluminum wiring has been recalled because it is a fire hazard and is no longer used for interior wiring systems.  FALSE.  The fact is that the Ontario Electrical Safety Code permits the installation of aluminum wiring.  Aluminum wiring itself is safe IF proper connections and terminations are made.

Another myth is that aluminum wiring must be replaced or pig tailed with copper wiring.  FALSE.  If the devices are the original ones installed and show no visible signs of over heating or damage, they are not required to be replaced (it is recommended only).

The main concerns with aluminum wiring is the chance of overheating due to its tendency to oxidize and its incompatibility with devices designed for use with copper wiring.  Some warning signs of problems are: warm cover plates, discoloration of switches or recepticles, flickering lights, or the smell of hot plastic insulation.  The only way to be sure of its safety is to contact the ESA and have an inspection conducted. If work needs to be completed, be sure to use a qualified ESA approved electrician.

For further information visit the Electrical Safety Authority's Website www.esasafe.com.

The updated Ontario Electrical Safety Code is also available on the ESA's website http://esasafe.com/Corporate/ontario_electrical_safety_code_25th_edition_2012.php

Posted: Monday, November 19, 2012 2:25 PM by Boyd Rowsell


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